Contextual intelligence in action

Multichannel customer experience improvements result in 12% conversion growth

Recently acquired by Travelers Insurance, Simply Business is the UK’s leading business insurance broker — protecting more than 300,000 small businesses nationwide. With over 40% of Simply Business purchases taking place over the phone, they needed a reliable contact center to manage and effectively route callers. To ensure that their customers have the best experience possible, Simply Business knew they had to eliminate time spent on hold and the need for customers to repeat themselves issues multiple times.

Simply Business also wanted to make their contact center employees more efficient by automating as much as possible. To accomplish this, Simply Business designed and built an intelligent contact center from scratch, leveraging Twilio APIs that use realtime data to track every step of the customer journey and keep agents upto-date on customer needs.

Working with Twilio enabled Simply Business to utilize their in-house data science model, designed to target the right customer with the right products and right conversations. Since Simply Business began integrating their machine learning capabilities with Twilio, they’ve seen a significant impact on customer outcomes. “We believe that these [AI] approaches will transform the way that businesses operate, and specifically to our market, how insurance is sold,” said Lukas Oberhuber, CTO of Simply Business.

With approximately 200 agents, Simply Business uses Twilio TaskRouter to route customers to the right agent at the right time. Plus, by tracking the customer’s entire digital lifecycle, Simply Business can run A/B tests and iterate and adapt based on real-time interaction. A recent test on an IVR channel, which took only 15 minutes to set up, drove a 3% increase in conversion. With their new contact center in place, call handling at Simply Business rose 15%, inbound sales conversion increased by 9%, and offline Net Promoter Scores increased by 5 points. They’ve also been able to build a lead scoring model that has an 80% predictive result.

“Customer understanding and data analytics would not be possible if we didn’t have intelligent information available,” claimed Oberhuber. “No other platform (aside from Twilio) provides that kind of data.”

  • “The customer center had to be core to the customer experience. That was one of the things that drove our investment in Twilio.”

    Lukas Oberhuber, CTO, Simply Business