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Available stand-alone or integrated with Hermes. Capture, search, retrieve and share critical, relevant, consistent and up-to-date information with Teams and Customers on-demand, in the Contact Centre, or via customer web site self-service.

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Contact Centre Knowledge Management Solutions

Comprehensive Knowledge Management for Customer Service Excellence

Core to the delivery of exceptional customer service across multiple channels is a contact centre knowledge management solution that delivers consistent and faster response times, knowledge powered Agents, and truly satisfied Customers.

Knowledge Management, delivered by Ciptex with a full service wrap, puts critical information at the heart of your Contact Centre. As an internally accessible resource, or powering public search functionality across your web sites, our Knowledge Management solution gives you the right information, on-demand, at the point of need.

Key Features

Natural Language Search, Self-Learning & Personal Knowledge for Faster Responses, Every Time.

Intelligent Self-Learning

By learning from previous user searches, Knowledge Management from Ciptex ensures that the right answer is provided faster, to an Agent, at the point of need. First time, every time.

Natural Search

Wherever your critical information resides, Natural Language Search ensures not only accurate results are returned, but pinpoint the answer, improving time to resolution.

Prioritised Knowlegde

A simple 'Like' function enables Agents to prioritise key knowledge, and gain even faster access. By Liking documents and knowledge snippets, Agents can easily locate frequently used information needed during a Customer enagagement.

Knowledge Guidance with Decision Trees

Generate intuitive decision trees that guide Agents, and the Customer to successful resolutions. With a complete visual audit trail, Supervisors are empowered to identify areas for improvement.

Intuitive Taxonomies

Knowledge Management facilitates intuitve information organisation. Taxonomies enable Agents to filter documents by categories, like Customer industry, Department or Area.

Valuable Notifications

Automatically push news and information to relevant Teams. With complete transparency of receipt and read notifications, Supervisors can ensure compliance.

Critical Metrics

Fast access to a complete suite of pre-defined reports that deliver valuable insights into Contact Centre knowledge performance.


A Trusted PCI-DSS Compliant Card Processing Solution 


Agents spend less time searching and more time resolving queries with consistent, compliant knowledge. Knowledge processes are streamlined into one intuitive, easily accessible repository.

 Contact Centre Performance

Rapid access to critical knowledge across channels and on demand improves first-contact resolution, significantly reduces Agent handling times and helps deliver seamless Customer experiences.


Training materials and essential information are readily available to the Agent, leading to reduced training times of up to 50%.

 Layered Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge is continually documented, experiences and expertise shared over time, which remains in the Contact Centre, even after Agents' have moved on or departed.

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