millbrook healthcare

The Company

Millbrook Healthcare works in partnership with Primary Care Trusts and Councils around the UK, supplying accessibility services including daily living aids, continence supplies and Home Care products to help their residents live safely in their own homes.

They provide several services including Wheelchair repair & maintenance, Home Care services, Tele-care and Tele-health installations and Assessment of Needs services.

Ciptex Support

Millbrook operated multiple disjointed contact centres across the UK, each of which operated a separate technology solution.

This meant that they were not able to optimally balance call volumes across sites, resulting in reduced productivity and increased costs.
As the business was growing, there was a need to both make better use of the existing capacity and to be able to efficiently add new sites onto a single platform. Ciptex was selected to implement a single hosted Contact Centre Solution, which could be rolled out to all the Millbrook Healthcare sites.

The solution included Inbound Automatic Contact Distribution (ACD), Call Recording and advanced Reporting functionality. Ciptex also created a WAN and LAN blueprint design for Millbrook that was applied to both existing sites and new sites.

The system has been rolled out across multiple sites across the UK and is used as the solution for new sites that Millbrook opens. Millbrook has been able to reduce the number of staff in its Contact Centres by better balancing the call volumes across its sites using the single virtualised Ciptex platform.