Omnichannel in action

With SMS and chat added to contact center, initial contact time drops 85%

CarFinance 247 is the number one car finance website in the UK for a reason — they’re continually improving their customer experience to make it straightforward and fuss-free. Since buying a car is a particularly complex online transaction, it requires a higher-touch customer service approach than on-the-lot or showroom purchases. With that in mind, and to ensure a smooth customer experience from beginning to end, the contact center technologies they use needed to keep pace with their customers’ expectations.

This wasn’t always the case; CarFinance 247 discovered their legacy, on-premise telephony system was missing over a hundred calls a day. CarFinance 247’s call system was also not integrated within their CRM, so agents didn’t have the customer insight they needed to have meaningful conversations.

“Pre-Twilio days were a painful period in my life,” said Jon Wilson, CarFinance 247’s Technology Director. “It was a very frustrating time not only for our customers, but for our agents, and our developers.” Rather than purchase a new, on-premise solution, CarFinance 247 chose to build their own contact center using Twilio APIs. This allowed the company the flexibility to create exactly what they wanted and the ability to constantly iterate and improve the system.

CarFinance 247’s new contact center utilizes Twilio Voice, SMS, and Chat (to communicate inside their app) and relies on TaskRouter to connect customers to the most appropriate agent. Twilio Sync then allows CarFinance 247’s agents to see precisely what customers are doing in real-time, such as what car they’re looking for on the website. “Within a week, we had a proof-of-concept Twilio softphone in a browser able to place and take calls,” Wilson said. “Ultimately, we were able to answer over a hundred more calls a day and increase our conversion rate by 12%.” Best of all, customers can now communicate on whatever channel they choose. In fact, almost half of their customers are opting for SMS or chat. CarFinance 247’s new contact center reduced their initial contact time by 85% and led to a 20% reduction in payout time from initial contact to receipt of financing.

  • “Ultimately, we were able to answer over a hundred more calls a day and increase our conversion rate by 12%.”

    Jon Wilson, Technology Director, CarFinance247