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Available stand-alone or integrated with Hermes. PCI compliant card processing in the Contact Centre with DTMF phone payment processing solution. Never handle sensitive payment card data. Protect your Contact Centre, business and customers from fraud risk and data compromise, and meet your legal obligations.

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PCI-DSS Compliant Card Processing with Agent Pay

Complete Visibility of Payment Processing, Without the Risks

If you handle, process, transmit or store cardholder information, your business must protect that data in line with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). It’s critical for your reputation and your bottom line. With numerous successful deployments, Ciptex are here to help with Agent Pay. Available stand-alone, with Ciptex IVR solutions or fully integrated with Hermes Cloud Contact Centre.

Delivered by Ciptex with a full service wrap, Agent Pay is a completely Cloud based telephone payment processing system that prevents card data from entering your Contact Centre environment. Customer-friendly and easy for Agents to use, and ensures call control is retained by your team. Agent Pay is an effortless way of minimising the cost and complexity of ensuring you are PCI compliant.

Agent Pay doesn’t simply prevent card details from being stored in your call recordings, it prevents the transmission of card data through your entire enterprise. This lifts your whole operation out of scope for 11 of the 12 PCI DSS requirements, reducing risk and saving money.

Key Features

Retain Call Control, Transact Payments Faster & Optimise Contact

Visibility, Without the Risk

Agents can see when and how many digits the customer has keyed in, without seeing or hearing the actual information, to help customers finish payments successfully

Retain Call Control

The conversation with the customer is never interrupted so the customer enjoys a better sales experience.

Minimum Resource Required

Minimal bandwidth requirement and faster handling times with our on-demand features

Faster Transaction Time

Calls and payments are automatically correlated, meaning faster transactions, better customer experience and an easier agent experience

 Multiple Deployment Options

Works together with your existing IVR systems, Ciptex IVR Solutions, and fully Integrated with Hermes Cloud Contact Centre for a complete end-to-end Customer Contact.

Optimise Contact & Payment

Fully supports the use of predictive diallers


A Trusted PCI-DSS Compliant Card Processing Solution 

Trusted Security & PCI Compliance

We chose Aeriandi because it has a successful track record and because together with Ciptex, we get it right. The Aeriandi solution is chosen by many of the UK’s leading banks and consumer brands.

 Available & Reliable

Our private Cloud architecture ensures our solutions are resilient and highly available.

 Simple Integration

We seamlessly deploy Agent Pay with Hermes, Ciptex IVR Solutions, or existing IVR solutions.

 Minimal Disruption

Because its in the Cloud, Agent Pay slots in easily for rapid deployment and shorter delivery timescales with minimal disruption,and without capital expenditure investment.

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