perform media group

The Company

Perform Media Group is a UK listed media company with offices in worldwide including UK, Sweden, Spain, Slovakia, Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, US, Singapore and India. Perform commercialises multimedia sports contact across internet-enabled digital platforms, driving revenues through a mix of Content Distribution, Advertising & Sponsorship, the development and management of Subscription Platforms and Technology & Production.

In 2010, they delivered live footage of more than 25,000 separate sporting events; over 1.1 billion video streams; over 100 websites and mobile services; and in January 2011, had a reach of 95 million sports fans.

Perform owns one of the largest digital sports rights portfolios through contracts covering more than 200 sports and their associated leagues, tournaments and events.

Ciptex Support

Perform have been growing rapidly, and in 2009 were expanding into a new office on a greenfield site. They needed to set up a new office telephone system with seamless transfer of existing services (e.g. reception numbers).

Furthermore, as a forward thinking company, Perform recognised that they wanted a system that would grow in line with their business needs, without incurring up-front costs or requiring extensive in-house support Ciptex provided a unified office telephony system for over 100 users in Perform’s new UK office.

Ciptex was then asked to provide the same service for Perform’s New York offices, including local US numbering. This additional service is provided from the same centralised Ciptex platform in our UK data centre. This meant that Perform’s US office could be set up with minimal on-site IT integration, and that calls between the US and UK offices run over the internal Perform network and are hence free of charge.

The offices were set up on time and within budget. Perform have been able to expand the number of end users in line with their growing business, saving them the need to make up front capital investments. With New York and other international locations being served by the same hosted Ciptex platform, Perform is now able to save on its inter-office calling costs and on local IT support costs.