Programmability in action

Redesigned contact center integrated into crm in just 90 days

National Debt Relief (NDR) was founded on a simple, powerful idea: people should be able to live their lives without the stress and anxiety of overwhelming debt. Since 2009, National Debt Relief has helped more than 100,000 individuals and small businesses do just that by resolving debts and providing hope for a brighter future.

With a workforce of over 1300 employees focused on helping customers improve their financial situation, NDR needed as much information as possible about their customers. Armed with that insight, they could have betterinformed conversations, help customers resolve their financial issues more easily, and engage on whatever channel customers prefer: text, phone, and web. However, their legacy contact center system simply couldn’t do the job.

“We found ourselves unable to serve our customers the way we needed to serve them using our legacy contact center infrastructure,” said NDR’s President, Co-founder, and CTO, Daniel Tilipman.
The challenge Tilipman faced, as do many that have invested in large legacy systems, was how to migrate to a better system without disrupting the business. They also wanted to ensure that any new communication systems integrated easily with Salesforce, the CRM their company already used.

NDR was looking to avoid investing in expensive hardware, hiring a large team of IT consultants, or building a costly contact center infrastructure. Instead, Tilipman’s team of six developers used Twilio Cloud APIs, with guidance from a UI/UX partner, to quickly create a contact center that they would be able to enhance as needed over time.
Best of all, since Twilio APIs easily integrate with any CRM solution, NDR agents can easily access customer journey data points in the CRM platform they are already familiar with.

  • “With Twilio’s platform, we were able to build the exact experience our customers needed and had it up and running in 90 days, for a fraction of the cost.”

    Daniel Tilipman, President, Co-founder, and CTO, National Debt Relief