Here is the list of frequently asked questions

Sign Up Process

What do I need to sign up?
We have made the sign up process simple and straight forward. The information that will be required from you to complete a successful sign up is as follows:
  • Your contact details
  • Verified email address
  • Verified telephone number
  • Basic information about your contact centre requirements
  • Acceptance to our Terms and Conditions
Does RACE support Call Recording?
Yes RACE can support call recording, please contact us to activate.
How quickly can I be up and running?
We can deploy most RACE accounts in a matter of hours, typically 1-2 hours. All accounts start as a trial and we will call you after 1 day once the trial has begun to discuss converting your account into production mode.
Do you offer a trial?
Yes - all accounts begin as a trial. The trial currently supports 5 agents. It is allocated £20.00 credit which will give you a taste and feel of the service, this credit can be used for different channels such as voice, sms, webchat and social media. After the trial has been consumed, if there is no agreement to extend services into production, the account will be stop.
I only want RACE for a limited time
That is fine, we are happy to set up RACE for as short or as long as you like. You only pay for what you use.
I am not a UK-based business, but can I still consume your service?
We are always looking to support new countries but unfortunately the United Kingdom is currently only supported.
I am UK-based but I have agents situated in multiple countries?
We are more than happy to support remote agents who are not based in the UK but the account must be with a UK-based company..
Is my data secure?
We process your data securely and in line with current Data Protection and GDPR Regulations. All of your data transfers through Europe and the UK.
I have bespoke requirements such as CRM integration
We have proven experience in delivering contact centres with complex technical integrations. We are able to offer integration with a number of CRM platforms and would be happy to discuss how we can assist you. More recently we have been helping our customers with PCI requirements. Please contact us to discuss the options. As standard, RACE offers a very simple "screen pop" integration with a URL which most CRMs support.
Will I be credit checked?
As part of the automated sign up process we carry out credit checks to verify your identity and company information. We do this to help prevent prevent money laundering, criminal activity and fraud.
If we cannot verify your information automatically, we will review applications on a manual basis, for example individuals, sole traders and new start ups. Any applications that are referred on this basis will be reviewed by our internal finance and credit risk team. We calculate credit limits dependant on company age, directors, sector, financial history and other credit profiling databases to assign a suitable credit limit. If you do not pass our internal credit scoring criteria, we may offer revised terms such as an increased deposit on account or pre-authorise funds. More information on this can be found in our Terms and Conditions.
We will open accounts instantly for UK Government Department, NHS.
How do I pay the security deposit?
We offer an option to pay by debit / credit card (AMEX, Diners, Visa, Mastercard). We accept Government Purchasing & Procurement Cards and Corporate Cards. We currently do not accept pre-paid cards. We do not accept cheque. All deposits must be paid by debit / credit card.
Once I have paid my deposit, can you invoice me?
Yes, once your initial deposit is paid, we can set you up on Direct Debit, providing suitable credit terms have been agreed.
I want to tell my friends about RACE!
We will consider introducer or referral schemes. Please contact us on 0345 8800 808 to discuss this.
I have been asked to provide additional ID and verification?
It is not always possible to verify identify electronically and it may be required from time to time to verify your identity using government issued ID such as a driving license and passport. We may require copies of utility bills to confirm your address.
Can you provide numbers?
Yes, anywhere in the UK.
Can I bring my own carrier?
No, not currently.
Where is your UK-based team situated?
We are geographically split between London and Manchester.
Can I port numbers into your network?
Yes, you can rent ranges or single numbers from us, or you can have your numbers from a different provider diverted to numbers we give to you. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 we are only accepting port orders for those who listed on UK Government Critical National Infrastructure.

In Flight

How do I add more agents?
Contact us and we will add them for you.
How do I add more supervisors?
Contact us and we can do this for you.
How do I add more numbers?
We can add more numbers for you, please contact us.
Can I provide you my own custom greeting?
Yes please contact us and this can be done under professional services.
What channels does RACE support?
  • Phone
  • Web chat / live chat
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Whatsapp
  • Social media including Twitter, Facebook Messenger


Does it can connect to the user’s own phone / landline?
Yes, it is possible, we can deliver to mobile phone or device of their choosing (this is not standard out of the box functionality and will require professional services)
Can we support global functionality?
Yes - RACE is based upon AWS (Amazon Web Services) so has out of the box full global coverage. Depending on the user’s location, RACE will automatically redirect them to the closest AWS data centre region.
How secure is RACE?
We have integrated OKTA which is a market leading identity management solution as standard. If required, this allows us to do SAML and integrate with authentication services such as AD Federation Services. The browser technology uses WebRTC which is a secure protocol for voice and data. As a standard, logins are issued and consumed via the OKTA service.
Does the solution support Call recordings?
They are encrypted at REST and they can be managed via APIs or using conversations tab within reporting. There are real time stats on quiet time, overlap. Call recording is not standard and is an optional extra. Please contact us if you require call recording activating on your account.
GDPR and Data Processing Laws
Twilio have corporate binding rules – which is a gold plated deal with EU and major U.S based conglomerates – allowing them to treat data as if its in the US when it’s in the EU – allowing movement of data freely. This may be of particular interest to very large organisations who are looking to consume our service.
Which other platforms does RACE integrate with?
It can integrate with our in-house digital payments link service as well as a number of certified CRM platforms such as ZenDesk. These are not offered as standard out of the box so will need to be quoted for on request.