Scalability in action

Global financial institution consolidates 17 contact centers into one in the cloud

ING, one of the world’s largest banks, knew that as the financial needs of their global banking customers evolved, they needed to grow with them. Since ING’s customers use mobile apps as a primary means to communicate, ING understood that to remain relevant in today’s market, they had to completely change the way they communicate with customers. They decided to focus on speed and agility in every aspect of their business, not despite their size, but because of it.

This shift meant restructuring ING’s entire organization to become more agile, which wasn’t easy to do with more than 40,000 employees in 40 countries, and 17 disparate legacy contact centers created by different vendors at different times. So how does a multinational organization make a change this big, do it quickly, and not disrupt business? For ING, the answer was in the cloud.

ING knew they needed to completely redesign and rebuild their legacy contact center for better customer service. Henk Kolk, ING Chief Architect, knew there’s only one way to do that: “using building blocks.”

To get the job done, Kolk turned to Twilio to power ING’s next-generation contact center with Twilio’s building blocks: Programmable Voice, IP Messaging, Programmable Video, and TaskRouter. And since finance is a highly regulated industry, it was imperative that ING choose a reliable, secure cloud communications provider that ensured industry and regulatory compliance, 24/7 service, and had a far-reaching, global carrier network so they could scale as needed.

Underpinning the Twilio platform is Twilio’s Super Network, which powers more than 50,000 businesses and billions of interactions with a 99.99% SLA. The Super Network is a highly reliable network of thousands of carrier connections worldwide with built-in redundancy. This gives businesses like ING the scale and reliability they need to run mission-critical contact centers without having to manage any infrastructure or carrier relationships.

The results? ING was able to consolidate its 17 legacy contact centers into one. Today, a global network of 450 ING developers use flexible cloud-based APIs to quickly customize applications to deliver the agility, speed, and scale required to stay competitive.

  • “The only way to speed up in a world of software is to empower your developers.”

    Henk Kolk, Chief Architect, ING Bank