Twilio Flex

The first fully-programmable contact center platform. A cloud-based contact center platform that’s infinitely flexible.

Reach your customers on any channel they prefer

Support the channels you rely on today, and the ones you’ll need tomorrow.
Integrate chat into your website using pre-built channel widgets. Add voice, video, and rich messaging using Twilio APIs.

Why Choose Ciptex?

• Lower your costs
• Reduce the time taken to develop integrations and plugins
• Minimise the support overhead
• Access our cloud ecosystem of products and services to tailor a bespoke solution
• Leverage our 13 year history of successfully delivering cloud contact centres

4 Essential Ingredients for a Modern Contact Center

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A whole new approach to the contact centre

Twilio Flex: Plugins

The plugins are the main part of the Twilio Flex platform. You can use them to customise the look and feel of the platform or add complex features to your platform. Ciptex has a range of ready to use plugins to make your experience with Twilio Flex smoother and cut down the deployment time for each plugin that you have to create.


Plugins allow you to create a versatile platform to suit your needs. Ciptex boasts its own suite of plugins available for use, straight out of the box.


Ciptex has an ecosystem of integrations to complement Twilio Flex and deliver a bespoke solution using standardised cloud based components.

Our experience

Ciptex is a pioneer in the delivery of cloud contact centres. We were formed into 2006 and thus have 13 years of experience in delivering the benefits of the cloud. We have delivered solutions across EMEA, North & South America and AsiaPac and have extensive knowledge of multi-site, multi-country deployments.


Ciptex has supplied solutions to UK local and central government bodies and has been a Crown Commercial Service provider for many years. Ciptex is also a VISA certified PCI-DSS service provider and we can offer Compliance-as-a-Service through our One Payment Cloud brand.

Contextual intelligence for agents

Give your agents a fuller sense of the customer they’re serving. Combine data from customer interactions on Flex with your own historical business data via webhooks.

Reaching customer satisfaction faster

Informed agents serve your customers better. Flex gives them access to historical customer data, preferences, and possible sales opportunities, enabling agents to work intelligently and contextually.

Watch your CSAT score soar

This dynamic results in the best customer-agent experience, delivered on one platform. Your customer is taken care of by a single agent, who is empowered to switch channels without ever losing their connection to the customer.


Flex’s micro-component architecture lets you add, remove, and customize anything while maintaining a native feel. Fork select components and ship iterations at your own pace — without facing a 20,000-line merge conflict in Git. This UI is built for two-way integration. Send and receive data from custom channels and CRM, WFO, and WFM tools to manage any customer interaction using a single interface. This is where our technical expertise and experience comes into play, complementing your own teams or delivering turnkey solutions, Ciptex will ensure Twilio Flex unlocks and maintains competitive advantage for your business.