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The Customer Engagement Platform for Housing Providers

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We Enable Positive Change

Cloud-powered seamless customer communication, no matter where it starts…or ends.

Make every customer interaction count

We help you to transform your customer engagement strategy by creating frictionless and valuable experiences at every stage of the customer journey using a single cloud-powered communication platform.

Your customers expect. We deliver

Your customers expect you to understand their needs and meet their expectations at every touchpoint. Great customer experience (CX) leaves people feeling heard and appreciated – this reflects on everything from revenue to reputation. Ciptex simplify how you connect with your customers and influence their journeys.

Unleash the power of customer engagement

We’re an expert in Twilio – the world’s #1 Customer Engagement Platform (CEP). Alongside RACE – our own suite of products, services, and solutions, we help customer-centric organisations create seamless, personalised and omnichannel engagements.

Confidently unify your customer journey

Ciptex provide the capabilities, skills, results, and track record you’ll need as you streamline and enhance every customer interaction. Together we’ll discover new ways of working that drive up efficiencies and unlock the potential to improve retention, elevate experience, and boost sales.

Start the race

RACE Products

Ready-made Accelerators, Extensions and Integrations that help you maximise the potential of the Twilio technology stack.

RACE Solutions

Proven methodologies underwrite custom solutions and blueprints for familiar use cases get you results faster.

RACE Services

Call on our elite team of business and technical architects to shape and deliver your project.

Twilio Flex

The Power of Flex

Precise personalisation

Create personalised interactions built on insight into customer history, lowering wait times and delivering greater satisfaction.

Business insights

Get rich insight into conversations between agents and customers and draw conclusions that positively impact your business.

Cloud scale and agility

Harness the potential of the cloud – ready-made infrastructure that flexes with your business.

Accelerate transformation

Build a new contact centre solution in days not months and tap into the opportunities of omnichannel.

Works with anything

Built on open standards and infinitely programmable, Flex works with all your other business apps too.

Introduce automation

Out-of-the-box automations accelerate workflows, increase engagement and reduce customer friction.

Our Customers

Customers We Have Helped

National Foundation for Credit Counseling

NFCC Freed up 100 Employee Days Per Year

“Ciptex are smart, hardworking, professional people who have created a quality outcome that helps us connect people in financial need with our counselors who can help them.”

-Jennifer Pizi, COO, National Foundation for Credit Counseling

Debt Free London

Debt Free London unified engagement

“Since the service has been in use, Debt Free London has facilitated over 4,700 conversations with clients; this could not have been achieved if Debt Free London were not using Ciptex RACE.”

Matt Dronfield, Head of Debt Free London

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