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Industry sectors we serve

Transforming customer experience, no matter what industry sector

We’ve worked with brands across the globe to bring frictionless, meaningful customer engagement to every channel imaginable.

No matter what industry you’re working in, your customers still expect convenience, speed, accuracy, and personalisation – and we’re committed to delivering that through our solutions.

Now more than ever, harnessing innovative technology is vital to differentiate your organisation, and keep your customers returning. While our past projects have exposed us to many different markets, through repeat solutions we’ve also built a strong body of experience in some key sectors:

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Driving Exceptional Customer Experiences in the Automotive Industry

Understanding customer preferences is essential for building enduring relationships. Our solutions can provide your automotive businesses with advanced analytics and customer insights, enabling you to anticipate needs, personalise interactions, and deliver exceptional service. By tailoring your approach to individual clients, you create meaningful connections that translate into brand loyalty and repeat business.

Delivering gold-standard customer experience for banks and building societies

In an increasingly competitive sector, it’s essential for customers to be able to quickly and easily connect with their bank or building society. Ciptex enables you to not just be more reachable using omnichannel communication but to use the unique data insights on spending, saving and borrowing habits you possess to deliver a personalised banking experience that reflects each stage of your customer’s journey.

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Managing the membership and sports club experience in contact centres

Membership is deeply emotive – for the member it’s the aggregate experience that leaves them feeling membership is a good investment. When every touch point is a chance to better understand and serve a member, more organisations are switching on to better customer experience as a strategy to thrive and not just survive. Ciptex solutions build all the member-centric foundations you need – opening the door to the concepts, tools, and insights that drive better experience, more engagement and ultimately grow membership.

Not-for-profit, engagement with a human touch in the call centre

Delivering great experiences in the not-for-profit sector is critical, especially when you’re dealing with people in need or extreme situations. The people you’re helping must be able to communicate with you over whatever channel works best for them quickly and effectively. Our solutions help you connect with customers across any channel – whether they’re reaching out to you through voice, social media, or a video kiosk. Everything exists within one easy-to-use platform, engineered to streamline experience on both sides of the conversation.

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Upgrading the customer experience in retail

It takes months to find a customer, seconds to lose one. Nowhere is this more acute than in retail. Being accessible and engaging at every stage of your customer’s journey keeps them happy and coming back for more. With AI assistance, omnichannel capabilities, and integration with other critical apps, Ciptex solutions give your people everything they need to meet your customers where they live and delight them with the best experiences.

Customer engagement wins hearts and minds in the travel industry

A customer’s impression of a holiday doesn’t start when they get on the plane – travel companies need to deliver engaging customer experiences from the very first touch – especially in such a highly competitive market. Ciptex solutions help you stand out from the crowd, using innovative technology to build adaptable and resilient processes that engage with customers everywhere, and deliver positive interactions, even before they set out on their journey.

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