What we do

We deliver cloud communication platforms that allow any organisation to engage their customers with fluent, effortless conversations at every touch point – making sure they feel valued and understood.

We have the technical and business acumen to make it straightforward to design experiences your customers will love, and your people will enjoy providing. All of which adds up to greater operational efficiencies, happier customers, and bigger returns for your business.

We’re based in Manchester, England, but we deliver projects all over the world.

Why we do it

Our ambition was to create a young and visionary business – that encourages freethinking to keep us ahead in a world shaped by non-stop progress, but is supported by proven leaders.

Engage us and we believe you’ll be welcomed by open minds, new ideas and reassuring experience.

How we do it

Every problem has a solution. We’re experts in finding it. At the core of our business is finding innovative solutions – that’s why 60% of our team are technical or transformation experts who are poised to help you find new ways to deliver great experiences.

That drive for innovation is what led us to the Twilio, which provides many of the tools and resources fundamental to building great communications experiences. We were one of the UK’s first Twilio partners and are the first and only UK invitee to the Flextension program – which recognises Twilio’s most pioneering partners.

Our track record in delivering Twilio solutions led us to develop Ciptex RACE – a family of product and process innovations that help our customers deploy customer engagement solutions faster, and to greater business impact. In short, we pride ourselves on having everything we need at our disposal to reinvent customer experience – brilliant architects, extraordinary technology, and a deep pool of experience.

Our values

Our ability to deliver great experiences starts with how we operate – we orient ourselves around 4 core values:


We listen, learn, and lead. Innovation is at the heart of what we do, so we dedicate ourselves to finding the best ideas and showing you what’s possible.


Innovative ideas can’t go far without great execution – our skills and ability are instrumental in bringing customer engagement strategies to life


While we take pride in our achievements, we don’t rest on our laurels. We encourage our team to challenge themselves, hone their skills, and break new ground in their work.


Without a dedicated team, our business is nothing. That’s why we work hard to make Ciptex a place where all of our people are respected and valued, so we can work together towards achieving growth.