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The Composable Contact Centre

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The Challenge – It’s Easy to Get Stuck Doing Nothing

As communication landscapes change and customer expectations rise, your contact centre becomes increasingly important to delivering on your customer experience strategy.

However, legacy contact centre software can often impede your ability to connect with customers in new ways.

It is easy to get stuck doing nothing.

Don’t allow emerging communication channels, uncertain product roadmaps, or expensive development overheads to become a barrier to fantastic customer experience.

Consider a Composable Strategy, resulting in better agent solutions and more sales and don’t get left behind by your competition.

Enrich and Embrace, not rip and replace

Add digital channels to your legacy system now!  Communicate with Whatsapp, Chat, Google Business Messages, Meta Messenger.

Deploy to the Cloud and scale systems to meet the opportunities of your peak trading periods with ease. 

Monolithic IT Strategies belong to the Stone Age. Deploy agile, best-of-breed solutions integrated to your existing systems, maximising your IT investment.

Deploy today, highly customisable agent solutions that YOU can modify to match your customer’s user journey.

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The Composable Contact Centre

Composable is the process of creating an IT Infrastructure composed of INTERCHANGEABLE building blocks.

Flex is Twilio’s modular cloud-native digital engagement centre. Because it’s built on open standards, it’s compatible with your existing contact centre software. Use Flex to build, not rip and replace.

Flex’s modularity and customisation offer numerous ways to enhance your legacy contact centre, reduce operational friction and support sales.

The Key benefits

Sell more and service better with a single-pane view of your customer.

Eliminate data siloes with standard cross-app integration.

Experience rapid time to value with minimal upfront investment.

Enrich your legacy contact centre platform while overcoming any migration risk.

Ciptex Composable Contact Centre

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Enrich and Embrace, not rip and replace.