Don’t be an AI Pessimist. Don’t be an AI Optimist. Be an AI Activist.

Contact Centre Customer Service with AI

The customer service sector is currently seeing a huge shift, with Artificial Intelligence (AI). At Ciptex we continue to lead the way in using AI to transform the contact centre experience, aligning with Gartner’s forecast of a £80 billion decrease in agent labour expenses by 2026.

Recognising the transformative potential of Generative AI, we understand that progress requires more than passive observation. It demands a strategic approach to overcome challenges and leverage opportunities effectively. Ciptex seeks to lead by example, advocating for a shift in focus in light of the prevailing debates between pessimistic and optimistic perspectives on AI, advocating for a proactive approach – to be an AI activist.

Lessons from the AI Landscape

We acknowledge the key elements that impact user experience, including agent disengagement, elevated employee attrition rates, and extended waiting periods.

The widespread excitement surrounding Generative AI has sparked extensive discussions, mirroring the patterns delineated in Gartner’s esteemed ‘trough of disillusionment’, duly recognising the undulating journey marked by both caution and enthusiasm.

Ciptex believes it is imperative for contact centres to grasp that the trajectory of AI technologies entails a voyage of exploration, learning, and adaptation.

Do not find yourself in a “trough” succumbing to pessimism, Ciptex recommends actively engaging with the evolving nature of AI, extracting valuable lessons from the prevailing landscape.

Be an AI Activist acknowledging Generative AI as a ‘once in a generation’ opportunity, discerning the transformative potential that early adoption can unlock.

Tackling Customer Service Challenges and Responding to Pessimism

These challenges include but are not limited to concerns regarding data security, legal compliance, and the potential hazards associated with storing and disclosing private information. Ciptex not only recognises these obstacles but also adopts a proactive approach in offering resilient resolutions.

“Meanwhile contact centres are being wooed into becoming early adopters…” This sentence highlights the promotion of Generative AI adoption in contact centres, underscoring the technological significance of this innovation in customer-facing settings.

The implementation of Generative AI technology, may give rise to concerns regarding the veracity of information delivered to consumers, thereby potentially jeopardising brand integrity.

We duly recognise these concerns and propose proactive strategies to mitigate them. It is imperative that guardrails be implemented in order to limit access to data and grant agents the authority to verify information.

The continuous enhancement and refinement of these boundaries are crucial in guaranteeing that the implementation of AI in the contact centre does not present hazards to the organisation or reputation.

NatWest’s Success with Generative AI

NatWest’s journey with Cora+ imparts invaluable insights. The bank’s strategic integration of deterministic and Generative AI not only underscores the potency of informed decision-making and meticulous risk management but also serves as a beacon of success. Starting their AI journey by handling a modest 1,000 chats per month, NatWest swiftly catapulted to an astounding 1.4 million per month. At Ciptex we view this trajectory as a standout compelling model, emphasising the critical role of prior expertise and internal deliberation in the seamless deployment of AI, setting a benchmark for effective and strategic implementation.

Martin Hill-Wilson’s Activating AI in Customer Service

Martin expresses that “AI is an evolving portfolio of capabilities rather than a single thing that emerged at a single point in time.”

The dichotomy that Martin recognises is that AI is “both tried and tested and full of risk” and this prompts a crucial acknowledgment and a response by Ciptex.

Ciptex, in its white paper “4 Objections Every AI Project Needs to Overcome,” navigates these challenges. This comprehensive resource outlines strategies to mitigate risk and ensures a robust return on investment.

Explore how Ciptex addresses these concerns and propels your AI initiatives forward here.