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Empower Volunteers with Friction-Free Communication.

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Provide the Volunteers with Knowledge to Communicate effectively and Build Loyalty to the Cause.

We understand that challenges for non-profit organisations (NFPOs) are developing daily, and the concern of displeasing donors often looms as a potential obstacle to progress. Communication is the cornerstone of understanding donors’ desires and fostering meaningful connections. As we develop, implement, and support cutting-edge contact centre solutions, our commitment extends to empowering NFPOs to engage their supporters with fluent, effortless conversations at every touchpoint.

Empower Volunteers to boost Donations

Effective communication is the foundation of any successful non-profit organization. We understand the unique challenges that you face, including limited resources, diverse audiences, varying internal communication styles, and complex issues.

Our solutions give your volunteers great systems to work with to feel empowered, provide a positive work environment and foster a collective effort towards a shared mission. For new volunteers or agents, they are supported by guided journeys with the system advicing the best next step to close a deal.

Make the helpline a top priority.

Our products include programme notifications, chatbots for delivering critical resources, and helpline software that prioritizes high-risk contacts. With the Flex Contact Centre Solution, non-profit organizations can communicate effectively and provide timely support amidst periods of high demand. Your NFPO can improve its ability to assist others, thereby supporting the community and those who need help.

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The Impact

In 2022, organisations using Twilio helped 559 million people, Sending 20 billion messages for social impact.

By making use of digital channels, you can focus on activating your database and driving more connections.

Whether through Live Chat on your website or automated emails confirming donations from donor calls, Ciptex is here to automate the process.

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The NFP Friction-Free Contact Centre

Our objective is to remove all barriers for you to easily communicate your message. We want it to be easy for the agent to offer the right advice quickly. We, therefore, deliver call centre solutions that have all the information just a single click away in every customer journey. We want your organisation to be able to easily accept donations and quickly help those in need. This means smooth conversations on the channel of the donors’ choice, with no queuing and questions answered in one go.

We call this the friction-free contact centre.