Unlocking the Potential of Automatic Speech Recognition for Secure Payment Services

The Benefits of Automatic Speech Recognition for Secure Payment Solutions

In today’s increasingly digital world, secure payment services are essential for consumers and businesses alike. Unfortunately, traditional security measures such as passwords and PINs are becoming increasingly vulnerable. As such, companies are turning to automatic speech recognition (ASR) as a new way to authenticate users and process payments.

The use of automatic speech recognition (ASR) has become increasingly popular for voice search and smart device interactions. ASR technology has developed significantly over the last decade, and more than 40% of adults now use voice search daily. There is also a growing demand for ASR in secure payment services, particularly for consumers with disabilities who may find it challenging to use a phone keypad to make payments. ASR offers a seamless and compliant payment solution, with Ciptex One Payment Cloud ASR providing a secure way to capture payment card numbers from callers.

The service works with our Ciptex RACE IVR system, live agents, and voice chatbots, and it can recognise natural language in 86 different languages. ASR offers a number of advantages over traditional methods of authentication. When using ASR for payments, the call is muted in one direction only while the customer speaks their card numbers, ensuring PCI DSS compliance. The numbers are converted to text and encrypted for transmission to the merchant’s Payment Service Provider for authorisation. If the caller experiences any difficulty while the call is muted, they are reconnected with the same agent for further assistance. Contact us to learn how ASR could work for secure pay.