Our Solutions

Streamline customer engagement to maximise revenue and retention.

For more than 15 years Ciptex has been building solutions that help businesses to take charge of customer engagement and offer more inviting experiences across every customer touchpoint.

We build bespoke solutions which integrate with the critical apps your business uses, giving a superior customer engagement experience tailored to the needs of both your market and your brand.

Bespoke customer Engagement platforms

Now more than ever, you need to engage with your customers in the right way at the right time in their journey. Revenue growth, loyalty and reputation are all on the line.

We work with Twilio Flex – the world’s most flexible customer engagement platform to build extraordinary solutions that elevate customer experience and perfectly fit your brand and market.

Our Ciptex RACE family of innovations were created to fast track the process of getting a Flex implementation off the ground and to enhance what you can achieve with the platform. With RACE, you unlock all the best features of Flex and tailor a completely unique customer engagement experience in less time than it would take to implement an out-of-the-box solution from a competitor.

See how we used our product to respond to NFCC’s big plans.

Customer Contact Centres

Most Customer Contact Centre solutions just aren’t built for the channel variety and depth of engagement demanded by modern customers. Pivoting from old to new is a tough path to tread. That’s why we created RACE Contact Centre.

Underpinned by Twilio Flex, RACE Contact Centre provides all the technology, service, and innovation necessary to set up a contact centre that works the way your business wants, and serves up an experience your customers love.

We exist at the leading edge of customer experience – not only do we support a huge range of channels for engagement, but we’re alive to new modes of connection and rapidly integrate them with RACE as they arise.

Video kiosks

Video kiosks allow customers to quickly initiate a video-based conversation with a contact centre agent from any location a kiosk is present.

The kiosk takes care of everything to deliver a frictionless, high-fidelity experience that enhances customer care, reduces wait times, and presents new ways to scale engagement.

We have deployed our video kiosks to shops, job centres, and even prisons.

Take a look at how we have supported Debt Free Advice on its mission to educate everyone through financial difficulty. 

Video Conferencing

Unlike mainstream solutions, Ciptex video conferencing is web native, meaning nothing other than a device capable of accessing a web browser is needed to activate a call. This accelerates communication by avoiding the need to download specific apps or use a particular device.

We also offer the ability to curate the video experience to your audience, enabling you to add branding and livery to personalisation such as adding the viewer’s name in the title of the video, or changing the call-to-action based on what type of engagement is taking place on the call.


Simplify every engagement

Our solutions help you connect cross-business workflows and other important apps to create a more direct, simplified, customer experience.

Boost revenue and keep every customer

When you offer your customers a better experience they come back, buy more, and tell their friends. Ciptex solutions make this a reality.

Less waiting, faster value

There’s few things more infuriating for a customer than having to wait in line to repeat the same thing to multiple people as they move through your contact centre. Our solutions ensure your people know exactly what a customer is looking for, cutting down wasted time and keeping your customers happy.

Delivered with authority

With so much at stake, our track record of countless successful projects means we bring a steady hand and proven expertise to every solution.

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We only work with the best

We only work with the best